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Healthy and delicious Asian-inspired meals in minutes!

Mekhala, the secret ingredient to a healthier you

Produced Mindfully in small batches in the lush countryside of Chiang Mai, Thailand, our cooking pastes and dressings are made with Clean & Natural Ingredients that are good for you and good for the planet. Mekhala, which means “Goddess” in Thai, has since grown into a Singaporean/Thai whole foods brand that produces organic, all-natural, gluten and nut-free, vegan-friendly foods that make life easier, healthier and tastier for all



Our origin story:

After failing to find quality, natural products for her family and clients of her retreat in Chiang Mai, Thailand, Daphne Hedley and her co-founder, Jang Bauerle, teamed up and founded Mekhala. As a new working mother, she hardly had time to cook, but wanted fresh, healthy, home-made meals for her and her family. Frustrated with all the artificial additives, preservatives, and the high amounts of sugar in most Asian store-bought products, she created her own range of yummy products, inspired by the vegan meals at the retreat.



Still not convinced? Try it yourself.

Our products are all-natural and vegan-friendly, filled with only the best hand-picked organics. They are perfect for anyone who wants to prepare a quick and easy meal, while still getting all the health benefits that nature can offer. From our wide selection of different cooking pastes and dressings, there is bound to be something that suits your palette!

Explore our wide range of recipes, from 15-minute bites to kid-friendly alternatives:


Creamy Tom Yum Pasta        
Ginger Scallion Egg Fried Rice
Korean Spicy Pork Lettuce Wraps
Roasted Sesame Garlic Poke Bowl

and more... (These recipes are available on our website!)

Mekhala Living’s healthy cooking pastes and dressings are available here on Foodculture.SG (while stocks last!)

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