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December 2020 Highlights

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December Highlights

During the holiday season in December 2020, FoodCulture Singapore was part of an exciting line-up of pop-up events, namely a festival tour, Christmas bazaar and the Time Capsule by Ove X Ying

The tour was part of a series of programmes by My Community to shed light on Singapore’s hidden heritage stories, lesser-known cultures, traditions and crafts. My Community is a non-profit organisation that works to capture and preserve community stories, reconnect people to places and social networks, and deepen heritage appreciation.


Together with My Community and Cooking Art Industries, FoodCulture led a guided tour at the Innovate 360 building, which houses Cheng Yew Heng Candy Factory, Singapore’s very own and last remaining local sugar manufacturer.

Known for its rock sugar, black jaggery sugar and red jaggery sugar, participants went on an exclusive tour of Cheng Yew Heng’s grounds and witnessed the sugar production process from behind-the-scenes. It was an eye-opening experience for most visitors, as on a normal day, the factory would be off-limits to civilians.

Visitors also got a hands-on experience in a kueh-making session in Innovate 360’s very own studio kitchen, hosted by Cooking Art Industries.

The tour ended with a Christmas bazaar, where different local brands under FoodCulture came together to showcase their goods and put them up for sale. From innovative start-ups such as Kombynation Co., who has their own line of healthy Kombucha, to heritage brands such as Rainbow Lapis, there was something for everyone who participated.

FoodCulture Singapore was also part of the Time Capsule at The Iveria, an exciting collaboration between Ove and Ying The Label, who is known for wearable art and hand-painted prints. The event saw 30 local artisans and brands come together to create a first-of-its-kind experiential retail journey, a new shopping experience where guests walk through various rooms in a home curated with timeless pieces.

Guests also enjoyed other services like tarot card reading, manicures and perfume workshops, where they got to create their own unique scent.

FoodCulture brought in premium food items from a variety of local brands that cater to a healthy eating lifestyle. Popular items such as ASMARA functional drinks and air-fried shiitake chips from Mushroom Kingdom were very well-received.

We would like to thank Ying the Label and Ove for extending their invitation to this event. FoodCulture Singapore is always on the lookout for future collaborations and opportunities.

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