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5 ways to enjoy Jewels Rock Sugar Sticks

Jewels Rock Sugar Sticks bring a brand new experience with assorted flavours and colours. They are the perfect treat and also great gifts. But how do we really enjoy them? Here are 5 different ways!

1. Enjoy it as a sweetener for your morning coffee

To beat the monotony of your usual morning routines, why not add a little variety? Like many coffee drinkers, maybe you’re tired of your standard cup of Joe and want to spice things up. Well, Jewels rock sugar candy is perfect for this situation. With minimal effort, you can adjust the amount of sweetness you like by gradually stirring the stick of rock sugar into your coffee while you sip. It also makes for a great sweet treat on the side!

Jewels knows that coffee is one of the best ways to enjoy this candy. As such, they have a product range entirely dedicated to coffee, which they call “Coffee-Inspired”. Hazelnut, caramel, coconut and peppermint are just a few of the flavours included in this collection, and they are all legitimate additions to a great cup of coffee. Though, if you’re not feeling so adventurous, there is always the option of going for the classic-flavoured Jewels rock sugar candy


2. Enjoy it with a bit of sparkle!


No, we don’t mean dipping your stick of rock sugar into glitter. Of course, since Jewels prides itself on the motto “Enjoy, explore and have fun,” no one’s stopping you! Back to the topic, if you’re looking for something crisp and refreshing to drink, Jewels rock sugar candy pairs exceptionally well with carbonated water, also known as sparkling water. Ever wanted to make your own personalised soda? Well, this is your chance. With a wide variety of flavours, it wouldn’t be hard for you to pick your favourite version of the Jewels rock sugar candy to be paired. For instance, if you’re looking for something tropical, Pink Pineapple rock sugar candy is a great contender for your sparkling water. The best part? You’ll be able to adjust the amount of flavour to whatever you desire.


3. Enjoy it as a candy on its own: All-natural


For many of us, the usual lollipop might be a little too sweet of a candy for us to handle, but Jewels brings something different to the table. Naturally crystallised rock sugar is the purest form of sugar there is, and it is known to be sweet but not overpowering. If you're looking for that dose of sugar that only candy itself can bring, but don't want to feel the guilt of it after, Jewels rock sugar candy, eaten on its own, will do the trick. It is the perfect candy-on-a-stick that you are looking for. Pick your favourite flavour, unwrap the stick and simply pop it into your mouth. It doesn't get messy or in the way at all. If you aren’t a fan of dipping candy into your beverage, but still want to try Jewels rock sugar candy, then this is the best way for you to enjoy it!


4. Enjoy it online!

Looking to jazz up your social media feed? Look no further. The Jewels experience is one that is truly Instagram-worthy. As the rock sugar candy comes in a variety of different colours, it is definitely an aesthetically pleasing addition to your photos. Taken on its own or with a subject in the picture, the Jewels rock sugar candy will definitely shine in its own way. It is both unique and pretty. To top it all off, it looks yummy! With food pages and blogs rising in popularity in recent times, it is no surprise that posting something that makes your viewers’ mouths water is the way to go. Jewels rock sugar candy, in all its beauty, will do just that!


5. Enjoy it with a loved one

Whether you're searching for birthday gifts for your family, a small gift for friends, or even an extravagant gift for a partner, Jewels has something for everyone on your gift list. From individually packaged rock sugar candy to complete tea sets, Jewels has you covered. No one can resist a pretty and yummy gift, so if you're short on gift ideas for your loved ones, it might be time to consider getting a box, or even an entire set, of Jewels rock sugar candy.

One of the highlights of the Jewels collection is definitely the Jewels Rock Sugar Sticks x The 1872 Clipper Tea Co. tea gift set, which is a great gift that can be found on this very site!