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Brown Rice we can truly Enjoy?

  • 2 min read

For years, we’ve been told to cut back on white rice and replace it with whole grain brown rice instead. This is great advice, but are we actually following it? Common reasons cited by Singaporeans for their aversion to brown rice are: inferior in taste, too hard and more expensive.

What if we told you that there is a breed of brown rice that overcomes all these hurdles, is chewy, pleasantly nutty and most importantly, affordable?

At The Little Rice Company, we guarantee the goodness of every grain by stewarding the entire value chain; from seed to harvest, from milling to packing, until every pack makes the journey into your homes. We are Singapore’s only rice grower bringing you fresh harvests from our fields to your dining tables through sustainable farming methods. Our rice embodies the wholesome, nutty goodness of brown rice with the softness and aroma of white rice, so every bowl contains the best of both worlds.

Our brown rice is an aromatic staple. With a distinct barley-like fragrance and pleasant nuttiness, it is good enough even to be eaten on its own. Take a bite of our proprietary brown rice and you will quickly realise how soft and fluffy the texture is without the huskiness of unpolished rice.

Our brown rice is also versatile. We have done up the risotto, chicken rice, porridge, fried rice, meat don, kimbap and more. Our rice adapts to all your favourite dishes. It is also fast and fuss-free, requiring minimal washing, no soaking, and cooks fast just like white rice in a rice cooker.

How did we do it? Well, we partner smallholder farmers in Myanmar, a country with an ideal rice-growing climate and fertile land, to grow rice using our proprietary seeds. Under our care, we introduce sustainable farming methods. What we are setting out to achieve might be ahead of the curve - daring to take on and fix a broken rice system even if most people have never questioned that it is. As we collaborate with our farmer partners and empower them to eventually become thriving, self-sustaining communities, we are beginning to glimpse a future where an equitable food production system is no longer a lofty dream but a shared reality.

With every purchase, you do not just partake in a hearty meal – you partake in improving the livelihood of farmers. Every bowl of rice is good, on so many levels.