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On a lookout for healthier snacks?

Artisan Asian-inspired brittle made with the finest palm sugar and with high quality nuts roasted to perfection. Pure and unprocessed, each bite brims with a rich, complex caramel flavour. Hogula is your healthier alternative to other treats, handcrafted without additives or preservatives


Our search for a perfect pairing with coffee, ice cream or black tea led us to the creation of Hogula. Something to satisfy the guilty pleasure without the guilt of unhealthy refined sugar and yet, something that is uniquely satisfying and addictive. We were looking for bold flavours followed with a crunch at the end. And then, just when you thought it's over, there is a lingering bitter sweet taste of burnt caramel as you sip into your aromatic coffee or tea or even once a one-dimensional vanilla flavoured ice cream - We envisioned a decadent brittle with a distinctive Asian flavour.

Brittle is a universal confectionery snack found all around the world. From the traditional Chinese sesame peanut brittle to the old-fashioned homemade peanut brittle, there are a variety of brittle types one can choose from. Hogula is a fresh spin on these “expected” brittles to the unexpected.

Just as it is addictive, it is also a healthier alternative to other brittles with Low GI, no additives or preservatives, and filled with naturally-derived antioxidants and vitamins.

Our Almond brittle is made from the highest quality roasted nuts, mixed with the finest ingredients found only in this hemisphere. Our secret ingredient, Gula Jawa, hails from the islands of Java. It is key in making our brittle so irresistible. We elevate this classic treat into a decadent one with a unique Asian twist.


With each bite, a person is transported to the vibrant cities of Tokyo, Singapore, or Jakarta. The crispy, aromatic, and satisfying yet light brittle is distinctively Hogula. Locals, food aficionados and overseas visitors alike, Hogula is sure to bring back a piece of Asia everytime!

Last year, Hogula was the finalist for the “Snack Genius 2019” Award hosted by Incubaker and Enterprise Singapore.