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The long cooking process of traditional Malay / Indonesian dishes are said to demonstrate its own philosophy about patience, wisdom, and sincerity. Each process, from choosing the finest quality ingredients, the cooking techniques; heat control, stirring methods and timing is vital in producing a long lasting flavourful rempah, a complex paste of spices used as the foundation of many Malay and Indonesian dishes. For us, it is just about that same philosophy and how we kept the old traditions to produce our highly sought after rempah.


A rempah with purpose as what we will like to call our product – prepared from scratch, we use fresh premium-grade ingredients and use 100% all natural products, our pastes contains less salt and sugar and yet maintaining its authentic taste and texture.


Apart from convenience, what set us apart from the rest are the 4 qualities below which are of paramount importance to our brand;

  • Authenticity of our products
  • Functionality of our paste
  • Healthier ingredients
  • Convenience

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