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Aroma Truffle & Co.

A Form of Refined Art.

The idea for Aroma Truffle started with a trip to Italy. To the Italians, the harvesting of ingredients, preparation and final dish was a demonstration of their passion and a form of refined art. A dear Italian friend hosted our visit to a Spoleto farm, and our eyes were opened to the world of truffles. We witnessed firsthand the entire process from farming to harvesting of Italian truffles, and discovered the hard work, discipline and artisanship involved. All of which drew strength from the fine traditions and cultures of Italy. This burning passion, which is not commonly found around the world, it drew our hearts inexorably towards it.


Founded by a Burning Passion.

Back in Singapore, the search for the same burning passion and experience with truffle bore no fruit. The lack of gourmet truffle offerings in snacks brought us back to Italy. This time, to source and curate truffle farms and harvesters for the premium hero ingredient for what would become Aroma Truffle chips and its future lineup of gourmet offerings.


Created for the Sophisticated Tastebuds.

Aroma Truffle was then founded with one powerful vision: to bring the authentic taste of Italy to the rest of the world. A team of passionate individuals, Aroma Truffle strives for and challenges norms in the pursuit of quality and innovation. We do it all in order to serve up sophisticated, yet consistently delicious products that will satisfy even the most discerning palate. Aroma Truffle is made by passionate people for passionate people, with a taste for sophistication.