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Where Food meets Culture

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FoodCulture.SG e-commerce store comes online on 9 August 2020 commemorating Singapore’s 55 years of nation building!

Food Culture Singapore’s launch is a significant one that not only celebrates Singapore’s nation building, heritage, culture and innovation but it supports startups and small businesses at a time of uncertainty. Companies would be able to showcase their packaged food products, craft and stories behind their brand. They would also use this as an opportunity to go digital and test “market” their products while providing a source of income.



FoodCulture.SG is an industry led collaborative platform that aims at bringing a collective and unified sales platform to provide consumers with a better online experience. The e-commerce store brings together more than 100 SKUs across more than 20 food, craft, heritage, and startup brands. Consumers can look forward to brands like Killiney Kopi, Yikowei, Rainbow Lapis, and Jewels Rock Sugars where the next generation showcase their interpretation of modern heritage. While food startups like Six Four Coffee, Alchemy, Confetti, Kombynation Co, and Asmara showcase their innovative and sustainable products, craft startups like Ying the Label and Theo10 are also featured.

It is truly an exciting time to shop online amid the new normal.


About Food Culture Singapore

Food Culture Singapore is a premier food gift e-commerce platform that aims to bring Singapore brands to consumers. It aims to support local startups and heritage companies whilst promoting their brands through creative collective collaboration. 

Food Culture Singapore promotes the Singapore identity where food meets culture. Singapore is known as a tiny dot on the map, a garden city, clean and green, modern buildings, architecture and multi-racial people. But what truly makes us so special? The answer is our culture.

"Our Culture is what makes us special. And food is a big part of our culture, it is our way of life!"