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Guilt-Free Snacking

A bunch of hardworking brilliant Yetis from America, Europe and Asia Pacific. The founder might be a Yeti named Betty. We have regular top secret Confetti meetings for an undercover mission to bring more colours and wholesome veggies to global snack aisles.

Our headquarters is in Singapore, and we have Confetti offices in NYC and London to achieve our top secret mission

Snacks that Inspire you to do better

We started in our tiny island lion city Singapore handcrafting veggies into nutrient dense chips we thought tasted better than store bought big brands with none of the junk. After hundreds of kitchen experiments, we landed on a satifsying crunch and rich hearty notes that is big as Confetti's soul.


Confetti is a mission driven snack company that crafts award winning plant snacks seasoned with exotic flavors that bring you on a culinary adventure. Confetti Snacks are nutrient dense and are rich in plant goodness. We are aligned with United Nations SDGs, partners of 1 for a Better Planet and Business For Good. Confetti is committed to upcycle ugly produce for the ultimate snacking indulgence, and to contribute to hunger relief in the poorest parts of the world.