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THEE Tea - Yuan Yang

They say opposites attract. Yuan Yang is exactly that - a marriage between coffee
and tea. A caffeine-loaded blend of harmonious flavours that is deliciously

Our rendition of the Yuan Yang is a pairing of coffee and tea capsules that comes
together to give you a bold yet creamy, mildly sweet drink with subtle hints of floral

While the drink is great on it's own, add a little bit more kick with your choice of
sweetener at your desired amount!

Ingredients in coffee capsule:
- 100% Arabica coffee.

Ingredients in Honey Granate tea:
- Black tea, Honey flavouring and Promegranate flower.

5 coffee capsules and 5 tea capsules in a box.
*Each capsule can be brewed twice.

We recommend that you purge the compostable capsules immediately after every
brew. Do not leave them inside the Nespresso® machine's chamber overnight.

Materials used in a compostable capsule are more sensitive towards prolonged
heat and water, making them softer faster than plastic. Hence, it is better to clear
off the capsules straight after.