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The Tea Story Wellness Blends Assorted Tea Box

The Tea Story's Wellness Blends Assorted Tea Box Collection includes:

- 5 Luxury Tea Bags of Detoxtea Tea Blend
Detoxtea: Restart and restore with this detoxifying and energy boosting herbal elixir for a super healthy and an energised new you.
Ingredients: Rosemary, Nettle Leaves, Rosehip Peel, Rooibos, Lavender Flowers, Ginger, Pu Erh Tea, Mate, Fennel Seeds, Liquorice Root, Cinnamon Sticks, Black Pepper, Cardamom Pods, Cloves
Tasting Notes: Complex, sweet, and minty – with a spicy finish from the ginger and cardamom

- 5 Luxury Tea Bags of Serenitea Tea Blend
Serenitea: Looking for a spa getaway? Look no further! Steep this relaxing, memory-boosting and skin-loving infusion and feel fresh, flawless and revitalized on any given day.
Ingredients: Rooibos, Chamomile Flowers, Honeybush, Lemon Balm, Fennel Seeds, Lemongrass, Ginseng Root
Tasting Notes: Light herbal flavor with sweet fennel, refreshing lemongrass & calming chamomile notes

- 5 Luxury Tea Bags of Immunitea Tea Blend
Immunitea: Need a little immune booster? This rich herbal infusion will leave you sweet, warming and deliciously vibrant inside out. So drink up and get ready for a bright and shiny new you.
Ingredients: Carrot, Ginger, Liquorice Root, Chicory Root Roasted, Beetroot, Curcuma Root, Sunflower Petals, Black Pepper, Galangal Root
Tasting Notes: Sweet liquorice root with a lingering hint of ginger heat

Each Assorted Tea Box consists of 15 Luxury Tea Bags

Shelf Life: Approx. 2 Years