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The Tea Story Jasmine Crème Brulée Tea Tube

Jasmine Crème Brulée: Meet our newest obsession: the crème brulée. This rich and creamy dessert is famous for its silky custard base and crunchy toffee crust. Pass up on your dessert calories with this decadent black tea capturing all the vanilla-cream sweetness of a classic crème brulée – with a pop of jasmine for a light floral touch. It’s satisfying, sophisticated and downright addictive.

Ingredients: Black Tea, Coffee Beans, Jasmine Blossoms

Tasting Notes: Sweet, rich & creamy with a hint of roasted coffee beans

The Tea Story's Jasmine Crème Brulée Tea Tube includes:
- 10 Luxury Pyramid Tea Bags of Jasmine Crème Brulée Blend

Shelf Life: Approx. 2 Years