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Hook Coffee - Speculose Your Mind Hook Bags

Specu-Lose Your Mind is what happens when you put 3 different coffees from 3 contrasting regions together. Part Brazilian, part Colombian and part Ethiopian, this coffee exhibits the flavour quirks of the different farms and microclimates in which they were grown.

The beans from Brazil were produced by the passionate Oliveira Bueno Alves who is a 4th generation coffee farmer who now runs the Sitio Morro Agudo farm, in the green and hilly South of Minas Gerais. Her deep-seated knowledge and love for coffee has driven Oliveira to strive to improve cultivation techniques and sustainability efforts (for example, much attention is paid to soil care and management in Sitio Morro Agudo to maintain optimal soil fertility and regeneration of crop). The Colombian beans on the other hand were cultivated within the Santa Bárbara Estate, perched on the high Andes mountain range in Antioquia, Colombia.

The Echavarria Family runs the Santa Bárbara Estate and have made a name for themselves for producing the highest quality coffees possible in Colombia. Santa Bárbara Estate employs 60 people all year round, who on average earn 30% above the minimum wage. At least half of them also receive free housing within the farm for themselves and their families. The smallholders of Guji, a remote district found in the lush mountainous region of East Sidamo, Ethiopia, have just 1-2 hectares of coffee growing in their back garden and process the coffees using traditional, time-honoured methods, under shade trees alongside other agricultural produce and without the use of chemicals.

Fun Facts: Speculoos are traditional Belgian shortcrust biscuits that are baked during the winter festive season. Sit down at any café in Belgium, and the cookie served alongside your coffee will probably be a speculoos biscuit, or some other cookie that tastes just like it.


*100% Arabica Beans, stored in dry places and they have a shelf life of at least a year from production date.