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Seah's Spices Bundle B

This bundle comprises our newest products from a brand that Singaporeans have been enjoying for 30 years. Each pack cooks up to 4 servings. Buyers get to choose 5 packs of their choice.

1) Black Pepper Crab – Popular
2) Pepper Salt Prawns – Editor’s favourite
3) Crispy Prawn Batter
4) Singapore Noodles (aka Mee Goreng)
5) Singapore Fried Rice (curry flavoured)

Black Pepper Crab, is recognised as a national dish of Singapore, made by stir-frying crab with this aromatic blend of spices pack. You will get juicy, succulent, and savoury sweet crab meat, making you crave for more. This product can also use on prawns and other kinds of seafood. We use black pepper sourced directly from farms and roasted to perfection.

Carefully selected from world famous pepper farm in Sarawak and combined with our special blend of spices. Go beyond just pepper and salt, Pepper Salt Prawn mix is a versatile seasoning for all kinds of stir-fried dishes.

Fried Crispy Prawn Spices is a crisp and feather-light batter mix, made with real shrimps and our special selection of spices. Used on a variety of sliced vegetables and seafood, particularly making prawn fritters, calamari, fish fillets and onion rings.

Singapore Fried Rice, commonly known here as Mee Goreng has a mildly spicy sensation with a variety of spices. Cook with your choice of ingredients and add ketchup for a distinctive sweetness.

The savoury blend of Singapore Fried Rice has a hint of curry fragrance. It is mildly spicy and wholesomely flavourful. This dish is customisable with additional ingredients like seafood, meat and vegetables which can be according to one’s preference.

• Natural spices used which promotes food therapy
• No added preservatives
• No added colourings
• Lower in sodium
• Naturally Trans Fat Free