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Seah's Spices Bundle A

This bundle comprises our best sellers that have been enjoyed in the past 30 years ago. Each pack cooks up to 4 servings. Buyers get to choose 5 packs of their choice.

1) Emperor Herbs Chicken – Best seller
2) Singapore Chicken Curry – Editor’s favourite
3) Salt Roasted Chicken – Popular
4) Kung Pao Chicken – Newly reformulated for improved taste
5) Black Pepper Chicken
Popular steam chicken mixes, Emperor Herbs Chicken is a popular dish among Singaporeans. Tender juicy chicken, infused with lovely blend of herbs.

An all-time favourite, Emperor Herbs chicken is a popular dish among Singaporeans. Infusing the lovely blend of herbs into the chicken giving a tender and juicy texture while each bite gives a mouth-watering aroma. A dish fits for the emperor that is fuss-free.

Singapore Chicken Curry is flavourful with playful mixes of spices. It is in powered form and versatile for making both dry and wet curry.

Making roast chicken easy with carefully selected blend of spices, Salt Roasted Chicken creates a sumptuous delicacy that is succulent and juicy. Roast with conventional oven or air fryer.

Kung Pao Chicken is a dish originated from Qing Dynasty, commonly cooked with peanuts or cashew nuts with Chinese cooking wine.

Black Pepper Meat uses black pepper sourced directly from farms and roasted to perfection. Perfect with any kind of meat and excellent for increasing appetite.
• Natural spices used which promotes food therapy
• No added preservatives
• No added colourings
• Lower in sodium
• Naturally Trans Fat Free