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Coffeehock La-Kopi Premium Coffee Powder 200g

Coffeehock's La-kopi (stir-coffee in Chinese dialect, Hokkien) series is a classic coffee blend originated from Singapore.

Our premium ground coffee powder is a blend of Arabica and Robusta beans using the torrefactto method of roasting. It creates a cup of coffee full of body and aroma. Brew your own cup anytime, anywhere.

Lower in Sugar
Lower in Saturated Fat
Naturally Trans Fat Free
Ingredients: Coffee Mixture Powder (100% coffee beans roasted with sugar and margarine for caramelization to deliver the local traditional coffee)

Net weight: 200g

Brewing instructions: Use a filter sachet. Measure 10g / 200ml of hot water. Stir it well.

Recommended apparatus: French press, coffee strainer, coffee machine.

Shelf-Life: 2 years. Best consumed within 6 months once opened.