Hook Coffee - Gold Digger Hook Bags

Gold Digger is the perfect marriage of 3 big bodied coffees, perfect for that strong and robust flavour. The beans from Brazil were produced by the passionate Oliveira Bueno Alves who is a 4th generation coffee farmer who now runs the Sitio Morro Agudo farm, in the green and hilly South of Minas Gerais. Her deep-seated knowledge and love for coffee has driven Oliveira to strive to improve cultivation techniques and sustainability efforts (for example, much attention is paid to soil care and management in Sitio Morro Agudo to maintain optimal soil fertility and regeneration of crop). The Indian beans were produced by the Shankar family in the Western Ghat mountains of India and the farm dates back to 1865 first established by the British, only changing hands in 1950s. The Shankar family’s complex approach to poly-culture farming included providing dense shades of fig, silver oak and jack fruit, with pepper vines, cardaom and vanilla accompanying in the understory. The Guatemalan beans were produced in San miguel Escobar, a beautiful small town situated at the base of Volcán Agua, approximately 4 miles from Antigua, Guatemala, these coffees display extraordinarily complex and delicious flavours. There are 30 members in the San Miguel Escobar Cooperative. The farmers are generally small-holders, owning an average of approximately 3 acres of land each. Long term sustainability and sustainable livelihoods is an imminent concern for the cooperative. The farmers and their families harvest the lands and process the coffees with extreme passion and care.


*100% Arabica Beans, stored in dry places and they have a shelf life of at least a year from production date.