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EVERTA POPS - Nasi Lemak Pops [Bundle of 5]

Nasi lemak is a signature Malay dish of coconut rice and assorted side dishes. This snack carefully blends the flavours of coconut, pandan, lemongrass, fried anchovies and sambal together to recreate the most signature elements of nasi lemak in a popcorn bag. Extra fried anchovies and peanuts are packed separately in a mini sachet in the bag.

Made in Singapore and hand-tossed with love.

Each product is 60g per packet.

**Please note that each batch of popcorn is handmade freshly. Hence any order will take a week to deliver and may not be delivered along with other orders.

^An Additional charge of $4 delivery for separate delivery has been included inside.


SHELF LIFE: Upon opening, the popcorn can be kept in an airtight container for up to 3 weeks.