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Alchemy Fibre™ For Rice [700g]

About Alchemy Fibre

  • Alchemy Fibre is a patented blend of plant-based ingredients and is a slowly digestible carbohydrate (SDC)high in dietary fibre. It is a powder blend that can be added into any types of rice before cooking to make rice healthy like brown rice.

Make white rice diabetic-friendly - lower glucose release levels and promote better blood sugar control

Taste Like White Rice, As Good As Brown Rice.

  • White rice made with Alchemy Fibre is digested as slowly as brown rice, hence diabetic-friendly. It has 3x more fibre than brown rice and is high in prebiotics that promotes gut health and supports natural functions of the immune system.

Most importantly, it tastes like the soft, fluffy white rice we love!

Cooking with Alchemy Fibre

  • Add Alchemy Fibre one heaped tablespoon of Alchemy Fibre before cooking your rice and stir until dissolved.
  • Cook your rice as per usual.

Alchemy Fibre is suitable for all types of rice - Song He/Royal Umbrella/New Moon fragrant white rice, Thai Hom Mali rice, Japanese rice, basmati rice and more.∙

Features of Alchemy Fibre

  • High in dietary fibre and prebiotics - at least 50% more fibre than wholegrain rice
  •  promotes gut health and boost immunity
  • Lowers release of glucose release levels
  • 100% natural and plant-based
  • Developed & Produced in Singapore

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*Seal tight and store in a cool, dry place. Shelf life of 2 years from the manufactured date

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