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Theo10® HEAT (20mL)


Theo10® HEAT is a long-lasting muscle rub that deals with tired shoulders, muscle aches and acute joint pains with its pain-relieving effect, without any smell after 15 minutes of application (as the smell dissipates). This cream is water-resistant as well, you can apply before you do any sports or activities. Created using only 100% natural ingredients including peppermint, camphor, capsicum and beeswax. Works where it hurts.

For Headaches

Our highly mentholated peppermint oil provides fast relief*. Camphor can quickly penetrate deeply into the epidermal layer, which dilates blood vessels to promote oxygenated blood flow to the much needed areas; especially the temples and back of the neck for when the brain is on overdrive and requires more oxygenated blood.

*Individual response varies*

For Muscular Aches

With at least 50% menthol content in our peppermint essential oil, it provides fast relief* from muscular aches. Our unique blend of peppermint essential oil and camphor extracts work on the muscles to relieve aches.

For Neck and Shoulder Aches

Long hours at the office or poor sleep can result in neck and shoulder aches, with headache as also another cause. Our blend of camphor and peppermint oil, together with our natural yellow beeswax, allows for long lasting relief with can be felt within minutes of application. Peppermint provides a burst of coolness initially, warmth kicks in about 15 minutes after to relief the tension.

For Arthritic Joint Pain

Our capsicum extract helps to relieve the chronic pain caused by rheumatism.


  • Organic American peppermint (Essential Oil)
  • Cinnamomum camphora
  • Oleoresin Capsicum
  • Triple filtered beeswax

Suitable for:

  • 12 Years Old and Above
  • Pre-workout Application
  • Headaches
  • Muscular Aches
  • Shoulder/Neck Aches
  • Arthritic Joint Pain

Method of Application: Apply a droplet size of amount onto the affected area. Spread out the cream evenly over the affected area.

Things to note: Do not apply on the same area TWICE as the effects of the cream will double up.