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Crunch Cutlery - Zero Waste Gifting Box (Creamy Caramel)

Crunch Cutlery's Zero Waste Gift Box is designed to be entirely reduced, reused and recycled! Made with the latest packaging technology such as dissolvable packaging, experience a more sustainable Christmas this year with Crunch Cutlery!

Add a boost to your desserts with our new Caramel Oats Crunch! Its mild creamy taste gives off a sweet smell without being overly sweet, making it the perfect match for all desserts. Enjoy our Caramel Oats Crunch without guilt as our crunches are made with 8 different sources of fibre and vitamins A, C and E to provide an additional boost for your health! Simply munch on them after your desserts and you’ll come back for more.

Each box comes with:
8 individually wrapped signature Crunch