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Confetti Lovely Mushroom Chips - Green Curry

Did you know Shiitake mushrooms have 10 times more flavor than conventional white mushrooms?

Shiitake mushrooms are a truly unique ingredient with immense health benefits. Unlike the nutritional profiles of other plants or even animals, shiitake mushrooms have an intrinsically unique biology that is rich with rare and uncommon essential nutrients such as copper, selenium and pantothenic acid.

Among its myriad of benefits, shiitake mushrooms have been proven significantly to aid in glycemic (blood sugar) control which is crucial in the management of diabetes, a modern growing health epidemic in developed regions.

Imagine all the wonderful health benefits you and your loved ones are missing out by not consuming the amazing shiitake mushroom! Fret not. That is why at Confetti Fine Foods we have specially selected whole dried shiitake mushrooms to be included in our awesome vegetable chips Trishaw Treats. Enjoy its rich flavor complimented by our three exotic Asiatic flavors.

Grab your cap and embark on a Southeast Asian culinary adventure, mushroom style-with notes of basil and kaffir for a delightful and crunchy indulgence.

Celebrate Real Veggies and Mushrooms

Yes, even the Ugly Ones! 

Whoever said that eating your vegetables has to be boring? 

Or that chips can’t be nutritious? Or that vegetables have to be perfectly shaped?  Same people who said don’t play with your food.  We SQUASH that.  Our lovely vegetables’ parade of color, award winning asian-inspired recipes and dense nutrients are cause for celebration. So grab a fistful of Confetti and ring in a new adventure!

Why are they lovely, you ask? 

Crunch on this. When vegetables are grown, only the perfectly shaped ones get chosen to sell, leaving behind a selection of delectable outcasts. Some call them...gasp..ugly!  They may have unusual shapes, but we assure you, they deliver on a powerhouse of taste and nutrients, locked in by our gently crafted, low-heat preparation process. Their vibrant colors combined with our exotic flavors mean these vegetables can love back twice as much as their more “symmetrical” siblings.

Halal certified.


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