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An Artisan's Christmas SG Bazaar

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Event name: An Artisan’s Christmas SG Bazaar
Venue: 351 Braddell Road #01-01, Singapore 579713 (see how to get there)
Dates: 18 to 19 December 2021, Saturday and Sunday
Opening hours: 10am to 8pm

Admission to the event is free of charge. Sign up for the workshops on Klook here.

Immerse yourself in the spirit of Christmas at Food Culture’s experiential retail fair, An Artisan’s Christmas SG Bazaar, while shopping for locally-produced food gifts and craft, or participate in some hands-on activities like brewing your own kombucha by Kombynation Co., crafting chic glass art by The Glass Academy or beer tasting by Crust Group.

The Bazaar will be held at The Refectory, a multi-label food and beverage concept and events space hub this 18-19 December on Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 8pm. The 8,500-sqft location will showcase more than 30 Singapore brands that are sustainable, innovative, or a key part of our local heritage. Look forward to see brands such as: Sachi which produces wine made from soy whey, Nut Culture that uses cashew nuts to make dairy-free cheese, Made With Passion brands like Hook Coffee, Jewels Rock Sugar Sticks and many more.

Besides the wide selection of local products to shop for this Christmas, consumers can expect to see attractive festive offers, attend free and pre-paid experiential workshops, food tastings, or feast on exclusive dishes from The Refectory’s dining concepts’ Christmas menus.

This event is proudly supported by Enterprise Singapore and The Peak Magazine.

Check out these vendors that will be at the Christmas Bazaar:

Asmara®: Asmara is a Singapore product brand that specializes in 100% natural beverages designed for health & wellness.

Asmara® harnesses the best from each culture’s traditional medicinal practices like Ayurveda, TCM, and Jamu along with Western scientific breakthroughs to boost the beneficial effects of its wellness beverages.

Blendery: Blendery is a superfoods startup based in Singapore. They aim to share their love of superfoods that good for the body without compromising on taste and flavour.

Their product range is antithetical to what the food industry has been dishing out for decades —highly processed foods which contain copious amounts of sugar, salt and chemicals which most people all find hard to pronounce. Instead of propagating the old ways which may bring about adverse health effects, Blendery has decided to use only the finest natural ingredients. Coupled with the utmost care in preparation, they produce small batch nutritious latte blends that are sugar-free and dairy-free without adding any preservatives.

C2+: C2+ was built to safeguard & sustain our future because they believe your health matters, protecting the Earth matters, and the future of the next generation matters. Their disinfectant manufacturing process is based on a continuous cycle of improvement - from the recycling of wastes to protecting users to ensuring sustainability of their environment and ecosystem. Developed with their customers’ short- and long- term needs in mind, C2+ offers a safer and earth-friendly alternative in a sea of harsh chemical-based options.

Confetti Snacks: At Confetti Fine Foods, they celebrate real whole vegetables in their tasty nutritious glory so people can snack on a colourful blend of radishes, carrots, shiitake mushrooms, green beans, red apple, and lady’s fingers that are absolutely bursting with plant-based goodness. By giving "ugly" vegetables a new lease of life, they are a huge advocate of sustainability too!

Crunch Cutlery: Crunch Cutlery is a social enterprise with the aim of combating plastic waste and poor nutrition in one vertical. Their mission is To Better the Food Experience for Our Earth and Our Bodies. They started this company at a time where plastic consumption could not be higher, with the increase of takeaway food to limit physical contact. Their first line of products are Crunch Spoons, which aims to educate people in Singapore towards taking a step of being more eco-friendly and having a healthier diet.

CRUST Group: CRUST Group are made up of passionate food waste fighters driving the upcycled food movement. Based on their belief in a more circular economy, they upcycle food waste and loss into beverages and other products for their food service and retail partners. Surplus ingredients like bread and waste like fruit peels are reincarnated into unique products like their CRUST beers and CROP non-alcoholic beverages.

They also aim to empower businesses in food service and retail to upcycle their food waste and loss into high-value products.

Dipsy Dips: Dipsy Dips are lovingly made in small batches in Singapore using premium vegan ingredients with no added preservatives.

Dipsy Dips’ goal is to manufacture and distribute Singapore’s healthiest and tastiest selection of Hummus dips. For CEO, Masterchef Australia contestant and owner Elizabeth Theodoros, cooking has been a lifelong passion. Her experience as a Private Chef working with clients that had health problems or intolerances saw her expand her skill set to drive flavour into food using fresh and natural ingredients. Using all natural ingredients with no artificial preservatives, the brand is committed to using innovative and seasonal ingredients to create a range of flavours that is suitable for vegans while still appealing to a broad cross section of the community.

HerbYvore: HerbYvore Foods brings you delectable, nutritious and sustainable plant-based products, while consciously providing healthy food choices to you without having to compromise on taste! Born at the Food lab in the National University of Singapore, HerbYvore nurtured the vision of bringing plant-based food mainstream. Pea Paneer, their dairy-free cottage cheese is a first of its kind vegan paneer to be made in the world, and they are also developing a range of plant-based alternatives suitable for just about any diet.

Hook Coffee: The freshest specialty coffee roasted right here in Singapore, infused with a generous sprinkling of fun and imagination, for you to be your own barista at home — these are the tenets that keep the team at Hook Coffee grinding.

Whether it’s delicious bags of gourmet whole coffee beans or grounds named 50 Shades of Earl Grey and Gold Digger, drip coffee bags with brews such as Singablend inspired by well-loved local iced gem biscuits, or Nespresso® - compatible capsules in a flavour called Yaya Kakaya, Hook Coffee does it with aplomb.

Jewels Rock Sugar Sticks: Elevating traditional rock sugar to a hip lifestyle product, Jewels Rock Sugar Sticks has been shaking things up since 2016 with its innovative handcrafted and naturally crystallised sugar sticks. With its genesis as a rock sugar company founded in 1947, it reinvented its product for a new generation of consumers looking for unique experiences. The result is aesthetically-pleasing rock sugar sticks in interesting flavours, such as Singapore Sling and durian, which can be used as a stirrer in drinks, or eaten as candy.

Jia-Yo Snax: Snacking is often associated with indulgence and decadence. But at Jia-Yo, they offer snacks using wholesome, high quality ingredients that are minimally processed with low sugar and refined carbohydrates. They search the world to bring their customers a variety of new and tasty snack choices, so people will be delighted by how good healthy snacks can taste.

Kombynation Co.: The idea for Kombynation was born when its founders first tried kombucha during their time overseas in Europe. It was love at first sip for them and they sought to find what exactly made this drink taste so unique. They realized that Kombucha demonstrated a wide range of beneficial effects against diseases like diabetes mellitus and certain forms of cancer. Healthy individuals also seem to benefit from a better mental state, healthier digestive system and feeling more energized.

Hence, they set out to create their own kombucha brews using fermented tea with various blended superfruits in order to create a functional drink that improves health or well-being by providing benefits beyond that of the traditional nutrients contained.

Lacoco: Lacoco is a Singaporean brand and its signature product is a Monk Fruit Sweetener that is 100 % and sugar-free with twice the sweetness of regular refined sugar. Luo Han Guo, also known as the Monk Fruit, has long been used for its medicinal properties. Unlike other fruits, its sweetness comes from a special ingredient, Mogrosides, which is naturally sugar-free. It does not spike blood glucose levels and hence is suitable for even diabetics.

Lacoco’s products are gluten free, low in GI, vegan friendly and contain zero preservatives.

Lilo: Well-loved among savvy young parents, this food brand deftly modernised old-school ikan bilis powder and brought it to the masses in convenient packs and bottles. Born from stay-home mum Lily Loh’s homemade ikan bilis powder to boost nutrition for her daughter who’s a fussy eater, the brand has since grown by leaps and bounds. Its natural range of powders now includes flavours such as mushroom, scallop and white bait. The idea is to help families add a healthy and delicious dash to home-cooked meals, with flavourful and calcium-rich powders free of MSG, salt and preservatives.

Mekhala: Back in 2014, when there was little interest in organic or vegan Asian cooking sauces, Mekhala’s founders blazed new ground with certified organic, vegan, gluten and nut-free Asian cooking pastes and sauces. Today, its products, such as the popular green curry paste and vegan laksa paste, are available in over 1,500 stores in Singapore, Thailand, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong and the US. Mekhala’s products are handmade and bottled at their factory in Thailand, where the brand has created a proprietary symbol system based on graphics for their illiterate women employees. It’s also committed to empowering women and youths, with a programme to help Burmese Shan youths.


mohjo: mohjo contains 10X more almonds than any almond milk available in Singapore. They only use whole sprouted Australian almonds, not almond paste or powder or something that used to be an almond before it made a trip to the factory. It is dairy-free, vegan and gluten-free. It does not contain preservatives, artificial flavours, oils or emulsifiers.

No Harm Done: No Harm Done is a social enterprise on a mission. Their aim is to make it easy for everyone to be environmentally conscious by offering convenient “no harm done” alternatives to everyday products. Guided by their 3 key principles: making it easy to be conscious, impact over perfection and transparency, they believe that every little difference matters.

Nut Culture: Nut Culture is a small creamery located in the heart of Singapore that tirelessly creates and perfects artisan cheeses and butters out of organic and natural nuts.

They believe that plant-based food can be absolutely delicious, indulgent and exciting without compromising on ingredients.

Ooh Mala: Ooh Mala is Singapore’s first Mala snack brand that is proudly made in Singapore. Doused with their secret Mala recipe, these snacks are created for sensation seekers that relish the iconic burn, spiciness and numbness that the Mala flavour brings.

Rainbow Lapis by Cooking Arts Industries: Rainbow Lapis is Singapore’s oldest cooking school since 1980s and exists to preserve and celebrate the heritage delicacies of Singapore. We strongly believe in service excellence, quality ingredients and tasty products. From handcrafted Nonya Kuehs to traditionally baked Kueh Lapis, all our products are handmade (in our 24-hour, ISO22000 certified kitchen) with the finest ingredients that are guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds.

RÒA: Ròa (pronounced as “row-uh”) is Icelandic and it means Calm. They have always been drawn to the idea of creating something that can bring a moment of calmness and pleasure to everyone, even people with dietary restrictions who have limited choices of the decadent cakes and pastries they can enjoy. Therefore, RÒA uses only quality organic and vegan ingredients in their sweet treats.

Seah's Spices: Seah’s Spices is a local food seasoning manufacturer that was founded with the aim to provide authentic Singapore style oriental taste mixes for households and food service, ensuring the consistency in taste. They want their customers to enjoy only the best and purest quality of ingredients source from around the world.

Sachi: In 2016, SinFooTech’s co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Jian Yong, set out to conduct research into soy (tofu) whey, a by-product generated from the manufacture of tofu, as part of his PhD studies at the National University of Singapore’s Food Science and Technology programme. Under the supervision of his mentors and after several months of research and trials, they perfected a technique for the bio-transformation of soy whey into a first-of-its-kind alcoholic beverage, which was named Sachi.

Moving forward, the company has plans to conduct further research and development into variants of Sachi (e.g. 0% alcohol content, fruit flavoured versions etc), and also has in its pipeline plans for the creation of other innovative food products made sustainably from food processing by-products.

Slow Candle Co.: We all need a reminder to slow down once in a while. There is something so intentional about lighting a candle to signify that it is time to slow down. Watch the flickering flame through the amber glass and notice the calm it brings you. Using 100% soy wax, the candles are hand-poured in small batches to ensure that quality is maintained at a high standard and to add a personal touch to every candle that the customer receives.

SustainableSG: SustainableSG is a social enterprise with the mission to advocate sustainable living around the world. The founders believe that circular design is vital for a healthy and sustainable planet and they work with designers, manufacturers and consumers to create products that benefit people and the world. Crafted with love and inspired by Singaporean cultures and identity, their products also have locally inspired designs that are bursting with the Singaporean personality.

Synergraphic: Synergraphic is a premier art+design studio that provides interior and architectural art glass solutions, bespoke lighting, installations, sculptures, features and murals, for indoor and outdoor spaces and supplies standard finishes, materials and glass elements to achieve excellent design concepts.

Their mission is to craft experiences that inspire wonder through our thoughtfully designed glass creations. Their name is synonymous with design innovation and quality, where every customer rediscover the beauty of glass through our craft.

The Little Rice Company: The Little Rice Company is Singapore's only rice grower bringing fresh harvests from their fields to dining tables through sustainable farming methods. Their rice embodies the wholesome, nutty goodness of brown rice with the softness and aroma of white rice, so every bowl contains the best of both worlds.

The SOS Kitchen: The SOS Kitchen originates from the hustling and bustling city country Singapore. The founders are a mother-son duo who are fans of all things spicy and committed to promoting the spicy way of life through their vegetarian-friendly and locally sourced products. 

Saahil Sharma, the brains behind the sauce formulations, was always obsessed with the rating scale and when he discovered the Scoville scale, his journey of experimentations with various chillies and infusing them into different foods led him to create the brand’s first product during Singapore’s Circuit Breaker lockdown in May 2020 – aptly named ‘Circuit Breaker’.

The Tea Story: A proudly Singaporean brand, The Tea Story was founded on the principle of delivering finest qualities of organic and loose-leaf teas globally to create an unparalleled tea experience and to cherish the unforgettable bonds formed over a cup of tea. They are also strongly committed to empowering and supporting their single-estate farmers, who carefully hand-pick tea leaves from the Camellia Sinensis plant, lie them down on a fabric to wither, twist and select the perfect batch of freshest qualities of teas.

Their artisanal selections create thousands of tea-stories around the globe, originating from the world’s finest tea estates and ending in your memories.

The Wicked Granola: The Wicked Granola was born in the pursuit of a yummy yet healthy snack. Handcrafted with the finest ingredients, The Wicked Granola products are made fresh in small batches to ensure freshness and that perfect munch. Lightly sweetened with pure maple syrup and gula Melaka, it is perfect to eat on its own or added to yogurt, milk, smoothie, salads and everything else. It contains no preservatives and additives, just wickedly delightful morsels.

THEE Tea: Thee was started by the founder’s limitless appreciation for cakes and teas. What she never quite got was consistently well-brewed tea. As an experienced individual in the café scene, she knew how troublesome it could be. She believed that everyone should be able to enjoy a perfect cup of tea more conveniently, and so THEE was born.

Using only the best natural ingredients, all of THEE's flavours are thoughtfully curated to create the perfect cup of brewed tea that leave a delightful taste with every sip.

Theo10®: Theo10® believes in the philosophy of promoting only 100% natural products. ‘Theo’ symbolises ‘natural-ness’; the simplicity and effectiveness of using natural ingredients. In today’s day and age, rapid advancements in technology can create many achievements and successes. However, some of these may come with side effects and a price to pay. The realisation and combination of certain natural ingredients yields great benefits which makes us treasure and appreciate the healthy, raw efficacy of herbs and their essential oils.

The number ‘10’ represents perfection in its raw and innocent sense. There are millions of different herbs and even more species that sprout from each herb to beget many combinations of uses and values.

Warisan (SG): Warisan (SG) was founded to pay homage and preserving authentic Indonesian and Malay dishes with a healthy twist. Their instant pastes are prepared from scratch using the freshest naturally sourced premium ingredients.

W0W® Noodle: W0W®noodle is a 0 starch, 0 blood sugar spike, 0 waste protein fiber noodle, upcycled from spent barley grains. Developed by KosmodeHealth, it expands access to health from nature by extracting nutrients from food processing waste for human nutrition, producing the world's only upcycled functional staple food with 0 blood sugar spike. Slurp up healthy noodles with W0W®noodle!

Ying The Label: Painted watercolour artworks on wearable canvases is this fashion label’s unique selling point, with each piece of clothing an inimitable work of art. Artist and designer Ying’s hand-painted masterpieces, often inspired by flora and fauna, are printed onto fabric, resulting in conversation-starting frocks and striking, statement-making tops and pants. Breaking the traditional boundaries of art and forging meaningful collaborations with fellow local brands round up Ying The Label’s ambitions and passions.


Check out these workshops happening at the Christmas Bazaar:

18 December, Saturday

  • 10am – 11.50am: Kombynation Co – Kombucha Brewing Workshop

Have you always wanted to try brewing kombucha? Heard all about SCOBY mamas and baby but not sure what is it or how to get your hands on one? Want your own some fun healthy bonding activity for your employees or students? Kombynation Co. conducts beginner brewing workshops complete with brewing kits suitable for all age groups.

In this 2 hour workshop, you will learn about:

- The history and science behind kombucha

- Guided hands-on brewing session with insider tips

- Understand what to watch out for to ensure your brews stay healthy batch after batch

- Flavouring ideas for secondary fermentation

- Tasting session of some commercial kombucha all around the world

  • 12.15pm – 1.05pm: Hook Coffee – Coffee Brewing Workshop

How Does Processing Affect The Taste Of Coffee? Understand coffee better and why you should keep this in mind when buying coffee.

Learn about the different processing methods in coffee production, how it affects what you taste in your daily cup, and how it can guide you in your next purchase. In this workshop, you will get to taste a Washed and Natural processed coffee, and take home a tasting pack afterwards!

  • 1.30pm – 2.20pm: Rainbow Lapis Ondeh Ondeh Log Cake Workshop

Savour Singapore’s heritage and add your own Christmas spin with Cooking Arts Industries’ Log Cake Decorating Class! If you’re a fan of the popular Nonya delicacy Ondeh Ondeh, this is the workshop for you. Learn to cream, roll up, piece together and finish your very own local version of an iconic Christmas cake.

Each participant will be able to take home their decorated log cake and complimentary Ondeh Ondehs after the workshop.

  • 2.45pm – 3.35pm: Crust Group – Sustainable Beer 101 + Tasting session

Drink beer, save the planet! Learn how we turn surplus ingredients like bread and waste like fruit peels into our unique products, and taste them for yourself at our Beer Flight Tasting Workshop. We will guide you through our sustainable, artisan beers and share more about what we do at CRUST!

19 December, Sunday

  • 10am – 10.50am: Making of W0W®noodle - 0 starch, 0 blood sugar spike, 0 waste noodle

W0W® noodle, the world's only starchless, protein fibre noodle is specially formulated to meet the nutritional needs of the ageing and diabetic consumers. In this workshop, you can get to see how the W0W®noodle is made from Spent Barley Grains - a beer and malt production waste-stream. You may even get the chance to extrude, cook and bring back your own W0W®noodle!

Each participant will also be entitled to bring home 2 x 200g packs of the W0W®noodles after the workshop.

  • 11.15am – 1.05pm: The Glass Academy by Synergraphic – Glass Art-Making Workshop

This workshop provides participants with the opportunity to encounter glass fusing and create their very own fused glass item on the spot. During the workshop, participants will be introduced to the basic elements of glass fusing and then assemble their own creation. Participants will have a choice of item, with suggested designs or they are free to exercise their own creativity. They can choose to create a:

  • Swizzle Stick (A glass rod, 2cm long and small pieces of glass for design), OR
  • Stacked Glass Paperweight (5cm x 5cm sized glass pieces stacked above each other and fused together, with writing and drawing in each layer by participants) 

Once their creation is assembled, we will fire it in the kiln. The kiln has a glass window through which you can view it as it heats up to fusing temperature and turns red hot!

While the glass pieces are being fired, try your hand at cutting glass – it’s harder than it looks! Pieces require time to cool and will be available for collection 2 hours later or as advised. If required, the piece can be delivered to your address at a $5 delivery fee.

This workshop is for beginners and no prior experience is required. Children (7-12 years old) are welcome to join in, with parental guidance.

  • 1.30pm – 2.20pm: Hook Coffee – Coffee 101 Workshop & Tasting

How Does Processing Affect The Taste Of Coffee? Understand coffee better and why you should keep this in mind when buying coffee.

Learn about the different processing methods in coffee production, how it affects what you taste in your daily cup, and how it can guide you in your next purchase. In this workshop, you will get to taste a Washed and Natural processed coffee, and take home a tasting pack afterwards!

  • 3pm – 3.50pm: Rainbow Lapis Ondeh Ondeh Log Cake Workshop

Savour Singapore’s heritage and add your own Christmas spin with Cooking Arts Industries’ Log Cake Decorating Class! If you’re a fan of the popular Nyonya delicacy Ondeh Ondeh, this is the workshop for you. Learn to cream, roll up, piece together and finish your very own local version of an iconic Christmas cake.

Each participant will be able to take home their decorated log cake and complimentary Ondeh Ondehs after the workshop.

  • 4.30pm – 5.20pm: Crust Group – Sustainable Beer 101 + Beer Flight Tasting Workshop

Drink beer, save the planet! Learn how we turn surplus ingredients like bread and waste like fruit peels into our unique products, and taste them for yourself at our Beer Flight Tasting Workshop. We will guide you through our sustainable, artisan beers and share more about what we do at CRUST!

  • 5.45pm – 6.35pm: The SOS Kitchen – Cooking with The SOS Kitchen’s Signature Sauces

The SOS Kitchen originates from the hustling and bustling city country; Singapore. We are a mother-son duo who are fans of all things spicy; and are committed to showing you the spicy way of life through our vegetarian friendly and locally sourced products.

Our product range includes; Thai pastes, Fermented sauces, Chili Jams and Dips. We’re constantly innovating and keep afresh our passion for Chillies. We believe in making cooking fun, easy and most importantly spicy! Our pastes help reduce your culinary time without compromising on the taste. #COOKINGMADEEASY

Today we will make:

- Thai Green curry with tofu & vegetables

- Olive fried rice

- Harissa pasta

- Mango margarita