ZENKO Ancient Grain Clusters - Salted Caramel 35g


Popped Jowar, better known as sorghum, is one of the seven ancient grains that have been around for thousands of years and give you a healthy energy boost when you are craving for one. đŸŒŸ

Working directly with the farmers in our “seed-to-snack” model we ensure our clusters unlock the maximum goodness of this all-natural ancient grain.

Less than 65 Kcals per serving

The clusters are made up of tiny popped Sorghum seeds, like mini popcorns - but better!

Traditionally, sorghum has been utilized globally in different types of cuisine, from the use of sorghum flour to make Roti in India to the fermentation of the grains in Chinese Baijiu (癜酒).

These clusters will make you forget all about popcorn. Eat them straight from the bag as a snack or share them with your friends during your next Netflix session!

Snack guilt-free with our plant-based Ancient Grain Clusters.