ZENKO Ancient Grain Clusters - Apple Cinnamon 35g


Popped Jowar, better known as sorghum, is one of the seven ancient grains that have been around for thousands of years and give you a healthy energy boost when you are craving for one. ūüĆĺ

Working directly with the farmers in our ‚Äúseed-to-snack‚ÄĚ model we ensure our clusters unlock the maximum goodness of this all-natural ancient grain.

Less than 130 Kcals per pack

The clusters are made up of tiny popped Sorghum seeds, like mini popcorns - but better!

Traditionally, sorghum has been utilized¬†globally in¬†different types of cuisine,¬†from the use of sorghum flour to make¬†Roti¬†in India¬†to the fermentation of the grains in¬†Chinese Baijiu¬†(ÁôĹťÖí).

Indulge on these crispy clusters while the honey melts in your mouth. The clusters are made from popped sorghum and come in all sizes. Great for a energy snack or breakfast!

Snack guilt-free with our plant-based Ancient Grain Clusters.