Seah's Spices Santa's Favourite Festive Gift Set

Seah's Spices range of seasoning mixes is made with premium herbs and spices from specially selected plantation from all over the world. Promises to bring you the very best.

Featuring Seah’s Spices top seller for over 30 years and exported to many countries. This traditional formula of Singapore Bak Kut Teh delivers a soup base bursting with herbs and pepper. Perfect for all ages.

Another favourite from Seah’s Spices, Emperor Herbs Chicken spices delivers tender steamed chicken meat infused with lovely blend of herbs and spices. This spice mix comes with wrapper to keep in the natural extract from the chicken.

Seafood Hot Pot soup spices is adorned with scallop's sweetness, this soup base has a mild herbal taste and is flavourful as a soup base which can be used to cook a variety of soups. It is also perfect for cooking stews and gravies by adding your choice of ingredients.

This set is made up of:
• Singapore Bak Kut Teh Soup Spices
• Emperor Herbs Chicken Spices
• Seafood Hot Pot Soup Spices
• Kitchen Timer (random color)
• Clear Carrier Bag

Naturally Trans Fat Free
Lower in Sodium
Lower in Saturated Fat
Naturally Gluten Free
Natural ingredients
Authentic Singapore taste
Proudly made in Singapore

Serving size: 3-4 pax per pack

Cooking instructions: Boil / Steam