Asmara - PRO-Mood Sichuan Mala Papadam

World's First Pre & Probiotics – Mood Snacks

Our world's first probiotic-mood snack is a fusion of local Singaporean heritage developed by food scientists. Our Indian-Chinese fusion Mala Papadam (mild spicy) is made from protein-rich urad dal, chilli, peppers, tangerine, and many other spices. It also contains clinically-tested lemon balm, curcumin (turmeric), prebiotics, and para-probiotics.

Nutritional Benefit:

Good Energy (sustainable)

Good Protein (building and growth)

Good Dietary Fibre (digestive health)

Good Fat (no trans/palm/margarine)

Functional Benefit:

Clinically Tested Lemon Balm (focus & attention)

Clinically Tested Curcumin (mood & brain)

Clinically Tested Para-Probiotics (immunity & gut)

Clinically Tested Prebiotics (gut & digestion)

Our clinically tested Japanese probiotics L.paracasei 1849 helps fight against harmful bacteria, thereby helping to maintain a healthy digestive and immune system. Lemon balm extract is traditionally known to support healthy cognition, concentration, focus and mood.

Pack size: 55g/container

Lentil Cracker (Urad Lentil Flour, Calcium Carbonate, Rice Flour & Sea Salt), Omega Canola Oil, Glutinous Rice Flour, Clinically Tested Prebiotic Corn Fiber, Clinically Tested Lemon Balm Extract, Clinically Tested L. paracasei Para-Probiotics & Optimized Curcumin Extract.