HOGULA - Piquant Kaffir

"This complete pack brings a whole variety of Asian flavour into brittles that defines Asia; be it the aromatic Gula Aren (Palm Sugar), Kaffir or Chilli Gunpowder - Handcrafted from the finest palm sugar and hiqhest quality nuts - Healthier alternative to other brittles - Low GI. Handcrafted without additives or preservatives, and filled with naturally-derived antioxidants and vitamins.

Product Information:
1) Made in Singapore
2) Ingredient list: Roasted Nuts, Palm Sugar, Butter, Sea Salt, Kaffir Leaves
3) Non-Halal
4) Dimension: 16cm x 23cm x 8cm
5) Best stored in a fridge and consumed right after taken out straight from fridge
6) Divine when paired with coffee or ice cream.
7) Finalist of Enterprise Singapore ""Snack Genius Award"" 2019"

"Artisan Asian-inspired brittle made with the finest palm sugar and high-quality nuts roasted to perfection. Pure and unprocessed, each bite brims with a rich and complex caramel flavour. Hogula transform this classic treat with a unique modern twist of Asian inspiration. It aims to bring consumer experience closer to Asia with each each and every crunch. Each bite, combined with perfectly roasted almonds, brims with delightfully rich caramel flavour. PIQUANT KAFFIR - An alluring treat for those craving something wicked. Laced with Kaffir lime leaves, infused with Himalayan salt, and garnished with roasted peanuts, the flavours of this tangy brittle bring you the enchanting essence of the East"


Minimum 3 Months Shelf Life