Asmara - PRO-Mood Korean Citron Pistachio Biscotti

World's First Pre & Probiotics – Mood Snacks

Our world's first probiotic-mood snack is a fusion of local Singaporean heritage developed by food scientists. Our Korean-Italian fusion Biscotti is baked with Korean citron, pistachio, and almond. It also contains clinically-tested lemon balm, curcumin, prebiotics, and para-probiotics.

Nutritional Benefit:

Good Energy (sustainable)

Good Protein (building and growth)

Good Dietary Fibre (digestive health)

Good Fat (no trans/palm/margarine)

Functional Benefit:

Clinically Tested Lemon Balm (focus & attention)

Clinically Tested Curcumin (mood & brain)

Clinically Tested Para-Probiotics (immunity & gut)

Clinically Tested Prebiotics (gut & digestion)

Our clinically tested Japanese probiotics L.paracasei 1849 helps fight against harmful bacteria, thereby helping to maintain a healthy digestive and immune system. Lemon balm extract is traditionally known to support healthy cognition, concentration, focus and mood.

Pack size: 180g/container

Wheat Flour, Sugar, Egg, Korean Citron Peel, Natural Fruit Acid, Pistachio, Almond, Butter, Salt, Vanilla, Baking Powder, Baking Soda, Glutinous Rice Flour, Clinically Tested Prebiotic Corn Fiber, Clinically Tested Lemon Balm Extract, Clinically Tested L. Paracasei Para-Probiotics & Optimized Curcumin Extract.